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The rapid evolution rate in e-business complexity compels enterprises to mix or dissolve, or even separate, business processes quickly. They are seeking the ideal combination to deliver their services or products efficiently and effectively to their markets using the internet. They are also actively trying to find better ways to integrate their businesses virtually with partners, vendors, suppliers and customers.

Quite obviously, this leads to a situation where new processes emerge that are unique to enterprises/ industries or even specific contexts. The challenge is, for such unique or distinct efficiencies, no off-the-shelf web automation or technology solutions are available. Demand for custom web applications is rising across the globe, stretching the efforts and resources of internal IT departments beyond logic. The situation gets worse when new technologies emerge or when sophisticated functionalities have to be introduced.

IKODI IT Solutions custom web applications solutions provide competitive advantage by addressing gaps in functionalities offered by packaged solutions.

Our deep expertise with markets and technology platforms enables us to offer a high quality, full range of life-cycle development services, from requirements gathering and definition, through the delivery and deployment of solutions. Our software development professionals bring years of experience in developing commercial software applications to meet both the business and technical requirements of a project.

IKODI IT Solutions development services include:

  • Requirements & Functional Specification
  • Project Definition
  • High and Low Level Design
  • Code & Unit Test
  • Prototype design and build
  • System design
  • Application development
  • Integration Testing & System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing & QA
  • Deployment

IKODI IT Solutions internet software development strengths, when combined with customer product and market knowledge, enable our customers to reduce development costs and improve time-to-market. Our web application experts have strong expertise and experience in multi-tier application design, data and process integration, established and emerging web technology standards. Our delivery methodology extensively leverages our business analysis and architect & design practices to deliver valuable business solutions.

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