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/// Sales Force Automation

The world marketplace is truly competitive and most sales organizations lament redundant potential for much higher performance within their existing sales teams. Discarded sales cycles due to disorganization or manual tedium, off target revenue realizations and the intense race for the same or new customers in all industries have delivered a challenge to all forward thinking enterprises: how much longer will incremental sales strategies and CRM adoptions hold down actual potential for business, by being transaction-based and reactive to sales cycle events?

At IKODI IT Solutions, we believe that a transformational blueprint for sales requires IT functionality that truly supports your business's unique selling environment, effectively integrating people, processes and market potential. It is a question of improving sales velocity and alignment to both your business context and market opportunity.

IKODI IT Solutions helps match your business goals to high performance sales technology solutions.

We bring our deep consulting expertise to your unique business context, extract the fundamental insights through our customer briefings and engage our business technologists to design, develop and deploy highly adaptive, relevant, low cost and template based online solutions to empower your sales organizations and departments. Our software, configuration, integration and rapid deployment for offline and online usage with your internal systems will provide you with a leading edge in your chosen markets.

In general, we deliver the cutting edge functionality in our SFA solutions like:

  • Sales Opportunity/ Geography/ Contract/ Account Management
  • Quota & Pipeline Management
  • Automatic, accurate Revenue & Deal Forecast
  • Online, Real-time updates for opportunities, accounts, and contacts
  • Lead Management and Sales Cycle Tracking
  • Sales/ Customer/ Demand Analytics
  • Desktop/ Mobile/ PDA Integration

Our goal is to ensure your team has an edge over competitors through an anticipatory and responsive connectivity to your customers and demand, greatly enhancing your customer management. And we deliver a significant impact on your business through industry-aware, methodology based SFA (Sales Force Automation) solutions that ensure fast ROI, on-demand sales support for your sales teams.

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