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/// Partners

Creating a stronger solution for the client is accomplished through "best of breed" collaboration. In each market sector where IKODI IT Solutions has clients, we also have formed partnerships with the top service providers to deliver a unified solution to our collective clients.

These relationships ensure that we leverage proven technology and industry solutions to deliver complete solution, integration and delivery capabilities based on specific customer needs.

We offer our partners a choice of programs, each designed to match their individual business needs, as well as to provide varying levels of support. The IKODI IT Solutions partner program consists of three types of partnership:

  • Channel Sales Partner
  • Collaborative Sales Partner
  • Technology Partner

By joining the IKODI IT Solutions Partner Program, you get:

Access to marketing and sales resources. When you're a IKODI Technologies Partner, you get access to sales and marketing professionals who can help you identify market opportunities and support to get the deals.
Ongoing support to help drive revenues. IKODI IT Solutions has a long-term interest in our partner's growth and success. The assistance doesn't stop with a handful of initial plans-once you're a signed partner, we'll follow-up with you as you execute your plans, and help make necessary adjustments to take advantage of new market realities.
Proven go-to-market plan. Our channel marketing team will work directly with you to develop a G2M plan designed to help you maximize opportunities.

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