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Here are some frequently asked questions, if you don't find here the answer for your question, please contact us.


  1. How do I ensure that I am dealing with a service provider who can manage my project requirements effectively?
    You need to watch out for requirements document, a development methodology, clear and excellent communication channels and the ability to understand and think ahead of a business model.

  2. How can I outsource to an Indian technology company without even meeting them?
    India hosts a veritable basket of Internet IT service companies, which are considered a viable outsourcing option today. Virtual Web companies are a natural outgrowth of the omnipresence of the Internet. What we offer is a strategic initiative to cut costs and access to intellectual capital not available in-house at your end.
    IKODI IT Solutions is a company with an enviable intellectual capital and industry experience in global development projects, with established processes and a solid infrastructure.

  3. What can I outsource? Why should I? Who should outsource?
    The options are limited only by your imagination, and of course, your better judgment. Alternatives exist - just about everybody: from entrepreneurs in the SOHO (small office home office) segment to small and medium enterprises (SME), to large businesses and empires with diversified interests and varied business processes. Every business benefits hugely through outsourcing because technology is changing so fast, it has to be leveraged and used to the maximum to deliver competitive advantage to a company.

  4. What are the implications involved in outsourcing? How do I manage outsourcing relationships?
    The implications are significant, if it is global off shoring. Most surveys and studies have shown that over 90% of Fortune 500 companies outsource parts of their burgeoning operations. In the face of such clear indicators, there are less reasons for most organizations to hesitate. The answer lies in the bad experiences with previous outsourcing attempts. The most important nuance to understand and perfect is that leader managers at the client and developer ends must manage virtual organizations through out the outsourcing lifecycle, to mitigate risks and to ensure compliance with the project objectives.
    At IKODI IT Solutions, we understand these constraints and have developed a robust model to work around them.

  5. Is there a fixed software development model that can be considered most successful?
    As in any other engineering disciplines, software engineering too offers a few structured models for software development.
    Talk to us to develop a generic overview about different software development methodologies adopted by contemporary software firms.

  6. What is the current statistic on the success rates of software projects? What are the factors that play an important role here?
    Unfortunately, over 50% of all projects fail today. Studies conducted by major research groups prove this.
    At IKODI IT Solutions, we realized the pitfalls and have incorporated strong safety measures that can be taken to prevent this from happening. We ensure the software project succeeds no matter what, using methods controlling and handling risk effectively.

  7. Why would I want to outsource to IKODI?
    Once you have absorbed the advantages of outsourcing software development to India with all the research studies, we believe that the only question that you really need to ask is this – which enterprise do I outsource to? Choose the appropriate partner and you are onto an expressway to growth and financial success.
    Based on this understanding, you could spend the next few months to wade through reams of data, and speak to hundreds of well wishers to find that right partner or vendor.
    Or you could consider IKODI IT Solutions, a forward looking software enterprise with an unbeatable track record of successful project implementation to customers across the world.

  8. What services does IKODI offer? What kind of projects have you worked on?
    To succeed in this virtual web-centric world of commerce, it is not just technology or talent. Survival and success in the new digital era is a smart blend of business vision and ability to leverage that vision translating into a service or product of significant business, consumer, economic and operational impact.
    Our services, portfolio and success stories more than illustrate that sublime touch.

  9. What methods do you follow in design and development?
    While we offer an exciting array of customizable models suiting your requirements, we generally follow the iterative model of development - intermediate between the Waterfall method and Extreme Programming. In this methodology, once the preliminary requirements are clarified, the next step is to quickly build the prototype of the website/web application. From then on, it is the continuing evolution of this prototype until it becomes the final product, exact to specifications.

  10. What are your terms of payment?
    Convenient, flexible and reliable, our international payment methods are easy to follow.


Tips to Evaluate your IT Solution Provider

Query: As the customer, how do you ensure you are engaging a service provider who can manage your requirements accurately, when at times, even you are not absolutely clear about the requirements?

Here are some tips on how to evaluate your development partner or service provider.

  • Examine the development partner/service provider for good documentation practices. Good Documentation is very important for effectively managing and implementing projects. A Requirements document is mandatory.
  • Examine your service provider's requirements document and verify that it truly reflects your needs.
  • Evaluate the development methodology for good processes. Ask your service provider/developer to submit their methodology and project plan. You can be assured that if your partner has well-developed processes, you will have a quality output.
  • In outsource models, communication is a very crucial aspect. Please ensure that your developer has clear and excellent communication channels.
  • Ensure that the scope of the project is well defined. Often, there are conflicts resulting out of poor understanding of the scope by either party.
  • Evaluate your development partner to see if they understand your business model. A service provider who sees the bigger picture of your business is always the better choice. His value additions can go beyond your specifications.

All the above information has been compiled from our experience and learning through interaction with scores of clients across the globe, in building dynamic applications and websites anchored in complex business models for them.

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