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/// Enterprise Intranet Solutions

As the rapidly emerging standard for web development, portals are utilized as frameworks to quickly create business solutions targeted at a wide array of constituents, including employees, customers, partners and suppliers. As industry characteristics are applied, constituent groups diversify further; the ability to rapidly assemble pre-built components (commonly called portlets) into a composite application providing specific business functionality is a very compelling advantage.

IKODI IT Solutions can deliver enterprise solutions that can unleash your company's potential with productivity and collaboration.

At IKODI IT Solutions, we understand that a wide variety of portal types and diverse uses provide cost reduction, revenue enhancement and intangible business benefits to your organization. We engineer our extranet/ intranet solutions to deliver improved customer/employee satisfaction and retention, faster time to market with new applications, reduced support and training costs via self service, increased productivity, and enhanced decision-making.

We deliver cutting edge enterprise portal solutions:

  • Employee and HR Intranets.
  • Digital Dashboards and Decision Support Systems.
  • Community and Collaboration Solutions.
  • Customer-Focused Portals and Self Service Applications.
  • Partner and Supplier Extranets.
  • Knowledge Management Systems.

Our domain dominance over standard or customized applications, smooth implementation and excellent training and follow up consistently delivers exciting results to our customers in a wide array of industries across the globe.

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