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/// Enterprise information portal

It is a world overwhelmed with information and data overload, especially in enterprises. The challenge is to sift through all the information for relevance that impacts user/ employee productivity and efficiency. Which is why, we experience a dire need for enhancing systems that can improve information manageability, architecture and structure. Hence the advent of Enterprise Information Portals.

At IKODI IT Solutions, the approach is to follow a controlled, evolutionary implementation methodology that effectively manages technology changes and enables easy user adoption in customer organizations. We realize that the defining characteristics of Enterprise Information Portals continue to evolve; a number of common functional components serve as essential building blocks. Experts at our end understand the value of BI applications in discovering actionable business information in customers' structured data systems.

Our experience with Portals, support for Portlet Standards, and our partnerships with global leaders in Portal Software, ensure success in implementing EIP solutions..

We provide:

  • Internet and Intranet systems or application automation
  • Integration of organization's internal and/or external processes
  • Integration with Enterprise applications like ERP, CRM, BI, SCM, etc...
  • Personalization of systems/ applications for departments, functions, geographical preferences
  • Implementation of role-based access and administration policies and systems
  • Workflow and Collaboration Application

After setting the unique context of your company in its industry domain, we work with you to establish an architecture scale to meet your current and future needs, set up the appropriate portal servers, ensure internal and external integration, and implement mechanisms for predictability in sustenance of the portal.

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