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/// Application Migration Services

We assist the customer enterprise in augmenting the success of the project. To this end, within development and integration, we offer allied service-centric solutions that serve to contain costs, improve quality, and ensure greater productivity.

At IKODI IT Solutions, we add value by modernizing legacy applications to open technologies & integrating them to internal and external systems.

With our service support, you will mitigate the following challenges when your enterprises run mission-critical applications on legacy platforms:
  • Need for lower cost of maintenance for hardware and software applications.
  • Agility in responding to changes in the business environment.
  • Seamless integration with other internal applications as well as partner systems.
  • Shortage of mainframe professionals & availability of new-age applications.
  • Rapid technology redundancy and consequent lack of support.


We understand the need to evaluate differing operating systems, computing platforms, and database technologies. We assist our clients with the migration, conversion, and re-engineering of existing systems. We gravitate to total success only when the customer enterprise begins to report improvement in efficiency, and excellent reliability and response time.

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