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/// Application maintenance Services

IKODI IT Solutions focuses on providing full spectrum software maintenance function for a specific product. You could even commission an entire suite of products to us, eventually. You can deploy your valuable internal R&D resources toward new development projects that are essential for growth, while outsourcing the tedious task of maintaining an application to IKODI IT Solutions. We offer 24x7, Level 2 & Level 3 Application and Network Management Support for your enterprise needs, with proven expertise in Legacy, product, database and data warehousing maintenance.

We deliver a confluence of essential technology skills, business understanding, and process discipline for an integrated program-management approach to maintenance and support.

The comfortability you will enjoy:

  • Offshore resources manage the necessary interaction with your staff.
  • Cost-effective development activities.
  • Rapid results in design, coding, testing and documentation.


Our long-term Maintenance paradigm for corporate applications

  • Regular delivery of new versions and faster implementation of changing user and business needs.
  • Fully controllable project budget and terms.
  • Well-documented applications, easy to transfer to any other service suppliers.
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